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mt_ignore:Southpaw Custom's fundamental craft is permanent modifications to polymer bodied pistol grips of firearms such as those made by Glock. These enhancements range from modifications to the magazine well area for swift reloading to grip reductions and grip retention textures. These services or options are "welded" directly to customer supplied pistols and are not aftermarket "bolt-on gadgets". Each modification is unique in that they are handcrafted for each customer. Literally, no two are alike. Soon we will be offering trigger work, slide work (to include forward cocking serrations, slide contouring, and custom lettering), and ready to compete/carry Southpaw Custom Full House Pistols. See ourĀ  Services Area for more information.

Gun owners and enthusiasts should not trust their firearms to just anyone. Anyone working on a firearm should be tried and tested. We are. Our modifications have been applied to firearms that were later used in competition, and win championships! Our modifications are currently being used in the field on law enforcement officer's handguns. The proprietor of the company and craftsman, Daniel "Southpaw" Tripp, is not only an active competitor, but is also a full-time law enforcement employee. He fully understands the potential liability of allowing a "gun plumber" to lay their hands on your firearm! You may want to check out our Photo Gallery for pictures of the owner in competition, as well as see other firearms that have been customized and their respective owners.

Southpaw Custom's ultimate goal is to provide worthwhile enhancements to individual firearms. This is with the intent that each customer receive their property back in a timely manner. In the end, the customer should have a customized firearm that they can be both proud of and confident in.

Please take the time to browse around the site and see all that we have to offer. And, if you have any questions, PLEASE, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

"Southpaw" Dan

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