You need to know, most modifications made to a stock pistol will void the manufacturers warranty. Our modifications are no different. These modifications WILL void your warranty. We do not assume any warranty by any company that is voided by our modifications. If you feel as if you may need your factory warranty, we suggest you wait until it is expired before seeking our services. Remember, if you choose to have us perform modifications, your warranty is now void! YOU are choosing to have these modifications, and if you point your finger at me because your firearm's manufacturer will not honor their warranty, I will laugh at you. Furthermore, do some research if you have any concerns about modifications!

Our modifications are designed to enhance the effectiveness, speed, abilities, and etc. of firearms or the shooter. Our modifications do not increase nor decrease safety. Being said, if you point your pistol at your or your buddies foot and pull the trigger, and your firearm is loaded, more than likely at a minimum, you or your buddy will receive a very painful bloody hole in the foot or any other given appendage that the pistol was pointed at. Now, albeit, your grip was probably more secure if you have had one of our modifications done! Never the less, some people do not need to own firearms. Some people are naturally stupid or stupid tends to follow them. If you are one of these people, we recommend that you do not send us your pistol, but sell it to a responsible person or dealership (whichever the law requires at the time you read this), and recommend us to them! If you are indeed a smart person, then we know you have met or know one or more of the above mentioned persons and should fully understand why this disclaimer is necessary.

Thank You and God Bless,

Daniel "Southpaw" Tripp

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